Compact Ultrasonic USB Humidifier with LED Night Light & Aroma Diffuser


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Transform Your Space with a Touch of Serenity

Introducing the ultimate companion for your personal space — a Mini Large Mist Volume USB Air Humidifier designed to cater to your comfort wherever you are. With its sleek, portable design and intelligent features, this small desktop humidifier and aroma diffuser is perfect for household use, as well as for keeping the atmosphere in your car fresh and moisturized. Experience the blissful combination of hydration and aromatherapy, enveloping you in a cloud of your favorite scents complemented by calming warm LED lights.

Product Features

Our humidifier boasts a simple, user-friendly keyboard-type operation with a 300ml water capacity that ensures a continuous spray for 4 hours and an intermittent spray for 8 hours. The versatility of USB connectivity means you can power it through a laptop, power bank, or phone charger, making it ideal for travel or office use. Its compact size of 116.2*116.2*102.8mm fits neatly on any desk or car cup holder.

When and Where to Use

Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, this USB air humidifier is your best bet for adding moisture to the air, which can be particularly beneficial during dry seasons or in air-conditioned rooms. The warm LED night light function also makes it an excellent choice for a soothing night’s sleep.

What Makes This Humidifier Special?

Unlike ordinary humidifiers, our product offers an ultrasonic sterilize function that promotes a healthier environment. Its less than 36db noise level ensures a quiet ambiance, and with no water-shortage power-off protection, it’s designed to be safe for all-day or all-night use. The onion shape design is not only stylish but also facilitates efficient mist distribution.

Benefits of Our USB Air Humidifier

  • Hydration Anywhere: Portable design for easy transport and use in various settings.
  • Aromatherapy Ready: Add your favorite essential oils to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Calming Lights: Warm LED night light offers a comforting glow, enhancing your space’s mood.
  • Health Conscious: Ultrasonic sterilization to keep the mist clean and hygienic.
  • Long-Lasting: Up to 8 hours of intermittent mist for prolonged freshness.
  • Quiet Operation: Enjoy a peaceful environment with its ultra-quiet function.

Bring Wellness into Your World

Don’t wait to enhance your daily routine with our versatile and serene Mini Large Mist Volume USB Air Humidifier. Click the button to add tranquility to your cart today and breathe new life into your space!


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