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Elevate Your Driving Experience: Premium Gear Shift Knob Cover!



  • Functional Elegance: This gear shift knob cover not only safeguards your gear shift’s surface from scratches and scuffs but also enhances the interior aesthetic of your vehicle. A blend of protection and style!
  • Quality Material: Crafted from pure cotton, this gear shift knob ornament is not only comfortable and breathable but also resistant to aging. Enjoy a touch of luxury and longevity.
  • Easy Installation: With its hand-stitched design, this cover is incredibly easy to install or replace. Say goodbye to complicated procedures and hello to simplicity.




  • Item Type: Car Accessories
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Color Options: Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue
  • Dimensions: As specified

Package Includes

  •  1 Gear Shift Knob Cover


47 reviews for Gear Lever Cover

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  1. Ewan Gordon

    These are incredibly adorable! I can’t wait to put them in my daughters’ stockings. They are well-constructed, look just like real hoodies, and are soft. They make a great whimsical embellishment for any free spirit’s vehicle.

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  2. Jasiah Ortiz

    The product has an appealing and fine quality, although the delivery to Saudi Arabia took a bit longer than expected. I purchased it in three different colors and would recommend the seller.

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  3. Gabe Gallagher

    The color is slightly lighter than shown in the image, but it’s still quite beautiful, and the material appears to be of good quality.

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  4. Bailey Martin

    This product is very cool and enjoyable! The shipping and delivery were fast, and I highly recommend it.

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  5. Bev Young

    The highest-priced product corresponds to better quality, while the cheapest ones are acceptable, but the others are noticeably better. The difference is quite noticeable. In general, the order arrived promptly.

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  6. Mell George

    It’s perfect for shielding against heat and preventing burns from the gear lever.

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  7. Skyler Fox

    The hood is somewhat smaller than I expected, but considering the price, it’s acceptable.

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  8. Lynn Chaney

    It gives me a good laugh; it’s cool 😎.

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  9. Maddox Lester

    They are a bit uncomfortable because the material is slippery (cotton), but they are still cute.

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  10. Noel Gould

    It looks nice, but I need to try it on my gear stick.

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  11. Ray Mcbride

    In the photos, it appears larger than it is, but I must say that I am satisfied with the product.

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  12. Patrick Perry

    I purchased one of these for my car, and my wife insisted on having one too because they’re cute.

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  13. Gabriel Patel

    It’s a super simple, cool, and fun gift. Can’t say much more; it’s a cool and affordable gift.

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  14. Anthony Moss

    I absolutely love my gear shift hoodie! I receive many compliments on how cute it is, and it doesn’t interfere with shifting, which is a plus. Now my shift knob will stay warm during the winter!

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  15. Archie John

    I love hoodies and car accessories, so this was perfect for me. Surprisingly, the material is well made, and even the strings are like those of a real hoodie. So, it’s cute and useful! I was worried it might be uncomfortable to shift with it on, but it’s not.

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  16. Joshua Reid

    I purchased this for my car, and it matches my interior perfectly! I’m pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to add a little style to their vehicle’s interior.

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  17. Jaeden Avila

    This is something I stumbled upon randomly and thought it would be a great addition to my car. I have an automatic transmission, and it’s unique, cute, and I love it.

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  18. Frankie Mathews

    I never thought I’d like this hoodie for my shift stick, but it’s a fun way to protect the shift stick from heat-induced cracking. It’s mainly cloth, so it can be easily cleaned if it becomes dirty. Everyone asks me where I got it, and it’s a great price.

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  19. Zaiden Emerson

    I enjoy having this novelty item in my vehicle; it adds personality with a touch of humor. I plan to buy these for my friends to use as gift card holders for Christmas gifts and then use in their cars.

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  20. Quentin Huffman

    I absolutely love these. I bought one for each of my vehicles, and they fit very well. They’re so cute, and I wish I could have one of every style! I initially thought they might be poorly made, but the material is actually good, and the details are nice.

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  21. Derick Baird

    This miniature hoodie fits nicely on the gear shift and has received many compliments.

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  22. Kerry Kaur

    These seem well made and are really cute. I would say they’re worth the price.

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  23. Hayden Black

    These are super cute and do not interfere with operating the vehicle at all. They make a great gift for someone who drives a lot, and they fit well in an older model Mitsubishi Outlander.

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  24. Glen Griffiths

    Well, these are adorable. I didn’t know I needed my gear shift knob to look this cool, but I’m glad I have them. I even made them cooler by putting the sleeves in the front pocket of the hoodie, so now it’s a whole vibe. They are a cute car accessory, and the colors are as pictured.

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  25. Ava Stewart

    I got this as a cute surprise for my husband. I even added an iron-on saying to make it even cuter. He thought it was cute and left it on his gear shift.

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  26. Louise Kaur

    My gear shift is a little too short for this, but I still love it all the same. It’s made of nice material and doesn’t seem cheap for the price.

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  27. Rhys Ball

    I got these for a 2001 Nissan Sentra; however, the shifter was too wide to slide them all the way down. It’s important to double-check your shifter size. If your shifter is under 2 inches, these should work fine. Anything over that size will not work. Nevertheless, they are a very cool item.

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  28. Edward Richards

    They fit like a glove.

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  29. Corey Wood

    I love these covert high-quality items and highly recommend them!

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  30. Finlay Davidson

    I have over 50 hoodies. I love my hoodies. This was perfect for my Cadillac. It makes me giggle every time I get in my car.

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  31. Dominic Saunders

    These funny hoodies make a perfect holiday gift and are highly recommended.

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  32. Nolan Hendrix


    (0) (0)
  33. Branson Ratliff

    My son and his girlfriend love these on their gear shifters!

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  34. Shannon Patel

    It fits my Mini gear shift but wouldn’t fit my son-in-law’s Ford, so my granddaughter put it on her bear.

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  35. Ruby Palmer

    It brought a laugh! It’s so cute and unexpected, just as pictured.

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  36. Louise Robertson

    I’ve received lots of comments from friends. I love them!

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  37. Bradley Burns

    These are just so darn cute! I bought them for my grandkids to use as gift card holders for Christmas gifts and then to use in their cars.

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  38. Jordan Riley

    As someone with a hoodie addiction, I think this is fantastic! It brings a smile to my face and makes my heart happy. Everyone needs one!

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  39. Archie Barrett

    They don’t have much functional value, but they definitely grab attention.

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  40. Lilly Richards

    These are cute little sweatshirts that go over the stick shift. My husband thinks they’re silly, but I find them cute and they bring a smile to my face. They are true sweatshirts with arms, pockets, a hood, and pull cords for the hood.

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  41. Sarah Elliott

    These don’t serve a practical function, except perhaps keeping my shift knob clean. However, they definitely catch people’s attention when they first get into my car, and it always brings a good laugh.

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  42. George Mitchell

    I bought this as a gag gift for my son. It was shipped promptly and is made with good quality. I got the reaction I was hoping for. It fit his gear shifter perfectly, and since we live in a cooler climate, there’s no more grabbing a cold gear shifter.

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  43. Aidan Murray

    This thing is just too darn cute, and everyone who gets into my vehicle admires it. It fits perfectly and adds the perfect little touch to my car. I even gifted a second one to my brother; it’s definitely worth it!

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  44. Nathan Williams

    The little hoodie is made quite well and is just adorable.

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  45. Finley Pearce

    The material is actually pretty nice and feels like some of my actual hoodies.

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  46. William Stevens

    I enjoy this novelty in my vehicle. It adds personality with a touch of humor. The price for two is great, but the only downside is that they should have strings on the bottom to tighten and keep them secure.

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  47. Samuel Wooten

    These tiny gear shift sweatshirts are so much fun! I purchased several as gifts and laugh each time I drive and see them sitting in the gear shift. In these crazy times, it’s wonderful to find a whimsical product that’s well made and brings a smile to your face!

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