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Elevate Your Car’s Protection

Experience the difference with the Car Sunshade Umbrella, a revolutionary product designed to safeguard your vehicle from the summer heat. Discover how this innovative solution keeps your car cool, safe, and comfortable.


Revolutionary Materials: Safety and Comfort Combined

The Car Sunshade Umbrella is crafted from top-tier materials, ensuring both safety and durability without the risk of odor, even in extreme heat. This feature guarantees a pleasant and healthy environment inside your car, free from harmful gases and unpleasant smells.

Advanced Sunlight Reflection Technology

Equipped with a cutting-edge titanium and silver adhesive, the umbrella excels in thermal dissipation and effectively reflects sunlight. This technology drastically lowers the interior temperature of your vehicle, maintaining a cooler, more comfortable atmosphere.


Key Features and Unique Benefits

  • Dual Functionality: Heat and Sun Shield: Utilizing premium aluminum material, the umbrella blocks heat and reflects sunlight. This dual action reduces interior temperature, preventing damage and aging of your car’s interior.
  • Versatility for All Weather Conditions: Not just a sun blocker, the Car Sunshade Umbrella also provides excellent resistance to rain, making it a versatile accessory suitable for various weather scenarios.
  • User-Friendly Design: The umbrella’s design focuses on ease of operation. It’s simple to fold, store, and carry, fitting seamlessly in your car for everyday use, especially during the warmer months.
  • Eco-Friendly and Car-Safe Material: Resistant to heat and temperature, the umbrella ensures no damage from direct sunlight and does not emit harmful odors or gases, contributing to a healthier, greener driving experience.
  • Gentle and Non-Destructive: With a special design that includes umbrella bead wrapping, the sunshade is gentle on your car’s interior and paint, ensuring no damage during installation or use.

Detailed Product Specifications

Materials: High-quality titanium silver adhesive and umbrella cloth Weight: 600 g Available Sizes: Medium (125 x 65 cm) and Large (145 x 79 cm) Color: Sleek Black


Why Choose the Car Sunshade Umbrella

The Car Sunshade Umbrella transcends being a mere sunshade; it’s an indispensable accessory for any car owner. Its superior construction, multifunctionality, and user-friendliness make it a standout product. It’s not just an item, but an investment in your vehicle’s longevity and your own comfort. Shield your vehicle from the sun’s intensity and enjoy cooler, more comfortable rides with the Car Sunshade Umbrella.

54 reviews for Car Sunshade Umbrella

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  1. Brandon Mitchell

    Great product. I got it as a gift for a friend.

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  2. Ashley Ramirez

    This item is fantastic. It opens just like an umbrella and is so easy to use by yourself.

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  3. Eric Anderson

    It’s super simple to set up and put away. Fits great and is the best one I’ve come across.

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  4. Ashley Ramirez

    This is an awesome sun shield for my truck. Actually, it’s the second one I’ve bought.

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  5. Eric Anderson

    I got this for my 2019 Subaru Forester Sport. It’s a perfect fit! I love how simple it is to use, and it really helps to keep my car cool.

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  6. Shannon Rodriguez

    This window screen is like an umbrella and way easier to use than folding panels. It really covers well and blocks the sun effectively.

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  7. Jonathan Edwards

    Love it! It’s quick and easy to use and really does keep the car cooler.

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  8. Tiffany Morales

    Fits perfectly in my SUV. My last one (different brand) broke after a year, so trying this one now. Living in Arizona, this is a must-have.

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  9. Jordan Cooper

    This works great! Very easy to use and store.

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  10. Allison Bailey

    It does exactly what it says. Easy to use and keeps my car protected. Very happy with my purchase.

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  11. Kyle Rivera

    What a neat product. It works just like an umbrella, easy to position and click. It covers my whole windshield. Make sure to get the right size for your car.

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  12. Laura Diaz

    I originally ordered two different brands, but the other one broke right away. I fell in love with this one – keeps the car cool and easy to install. I bought a second one after returning the broken one. Definitely a favorite item for me this year.

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  13. Steven Ortiz

    It fits so well in my Honda Odyssey, I don’t even need to use the sun visors. High quality, easy to fold, and really keeps the van cool.

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  14. Natalie Cox

    The selected size fits my windshield perfectly and keeps the dashboard and steering wheel cool. Easy to use and stores conveniently like an umbrella. A must-have for warm weather.

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  15. Justin Howard

    I love this sunshade. It opens and closes like an umbrella, so easy! I just wish the case was bigger. It’s a bit hard to fit it back in, so I usually just leave it in the backseat. Great buy.

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  16. Vanessa Flores

    Does an amazing job at keeping out the heat. Definitely recommend it.

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  17. Gregory Ward

    I never bothered with collapsible sun shades before, but this one is so easy to use.

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  18. Amber Barnes

    Way better than those bulky cardboard ones. It’s like an umbrella, easy to open and close.

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  19. Timothy Jenkins

    This is so much easier to install than most others.

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  20. Rachel Perry

    Took a bit to figure out how to open it and place it in the windshield, but once I did, it was easy. It’s compact and works better than folding ones.

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  21. Joshua Richardson

    So easy to use and folds away nicely.

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  22. Amanda Torres

    My family and I really love this windshield sunshade umbrella.

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  23. Patrick Brooks

    Works wonderfully! It’s easier to put in my window and stays in place. Much better than folding shades that don’t stay put. A small cutout for the rearview mirror would make it perfect.

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  24. Julia Hill

    The only downside is it’s tough to fold it small enough to fit back into its bag. But it’s still easier to use than the folded mylar shades I’ve used before

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  25. Austin Bennett

    The sun visor fits perfectly in my car. I highly recommend it.

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  26. Catherine Alexander

    The best sunshade I’ve ever used. It keeps my car cool even in the 110+ degrees Arizona heat!

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  27. Sean Russell

    This is perfect! Super easy to use, takes up little space when not in use, and significantly lowers the temperature inside my car. I want to get one for everyone I know!

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  28. Lisa Kim

    This compact, easy-to-store car umbrella is handy. It keeps my car cool enough, though I sometimes wonder if it’s as effective as other shades

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  29. Nathan Wheeler

    Works great. Simple and hoping it lasts long.

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  30. Tracy James

    Seems a bit bulky at first, but it’s pretty sturdy and works great once you get used to it.

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  31. Dylan Hamilton

    I like everything about this, except the storage sleeve could be larger for easier storage. It deploys and covers my large truck windshield easily.

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  32. Rebecca Sims

    Rarely do I write reviews, but this is awesome! It covers the windshield completely, just make sure to measure before buying.

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  33. Kevin Fernandez

    Easy to use, fits well in my CRV, and lowers the temperature inside.

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  34. Diana Chapman

    Fits my Kia Sorento nicely. Easy to use and effective at cooling down my SUV.

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  35. Kevin Fernandez

    Easy to fold and provides good shade.

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  36. Ethan Marshall

    It’s like a mini umbrella for your dashboard. More efficient than cardboard shields and ideal for sunny places. Got one for my son in Germany too

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  37. Diana Chapman

    I love that it folds up small. Easy to set up and store in the car door side pocket.

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  38. Debra Mason

    I’m in Arizona doing deliveries and this shade is quick, easy, and makes a huge difference

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  39. Trevor Ortiz

    Far better than folded car shields. Keeps the car cool.

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  40. Teresa Grant

    I’m really happy with this product. My husband finds it much easier to use than the bifold sun visor.

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  41. Jack Nelson

    I got tired of my old sunshade. This one is perfect, comes in two sizes, and my friends bought it after seeing mine.

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  42. Olivia Cole

    Might be the best Amazon purchase I’ve made. Fits perfectly and is super easy to use.

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  43. Ryan Gray

    Durable, lightweight, and easy to use. Keeps my SUV much cooler.

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  44. Sarah West

    This is my second purchase of this sunshade. It works well and is well made.

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  45. Christian Ford

    I wish it was a bit wider for my truck, but living in Arizona, it’s been really handy.

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  46. Jacqueline Hunter

    Love that it folds like an umbrella and comes with a case for storage.

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  47. Noah Armstrong

    Looks nice and easy to use. I might need to buy another one for myself!

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  48. Grace Fisher

    A bit tricky to set up initially, but it works great at keeping my car cool and protecting my dashboard. I got the one with the split and Velcro closure for the rearview mirror.

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  49. Jason Peterson

    I’m so glad I got this umbrella-like sun shield. It’s much easier to use than my old accordion-style one. It makes a big difference in my car when parked in the sun, and it’s a great price.

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  50. Elaine Roberts

    I love this product. It fits really well in my Mustang. I broke one of the extenders, but that was my fault. It’s still a great product and keeps my car cool in the Texas heat.

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  51. Caleb Sullivan

    I’m in Florida, where it’s super hot. This keeps my car much cooler. It’s easy to use but handle it gently. I had to replace my first one due to misuse, but my current one is still going strong after several months.

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  52. Isabella Simmons

    I live in a really hot state, and this thing is amazing! I love that it comes in different sizes. The big one is perfect for my van, and I got a smaller one for my parents. It keeps the car cooler and is easy to close. It also works as an emergency umbrella, fitting multiple people under it.

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  53. Luke Bennett

    I bought one for myself and loved it. Then my daughter wanted it, so I got another. Then my husband and my other daughter both wanted one too! It’s super easy to use and store. Everyone at my husband’s work loves it and got their own!

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  54. Natalie Cook

    I used to be too lazy to use sunshades, or they’d just end up in my trunk. This one is different. It opens in seconds and folds up neatly, much more compact than others. The only downside is it’s hard to fit it into a sleeve for even more compact storage, but it can fit in a glove box.

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