Real-Time Mini GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Kids & More with Smart Anti-Lost & Voice Control


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Ever felt that sinking feeling of misplacing your keys or worrying about where your child might be? Say goodbye to those nerve-wracking moments with our advanced Real-Time Mini GPS Tracker. With features tailored for vehicles, kids, and just about any valuable, never lose sight of what matters most to you. Lightweight, compact, and crafted with precision, this device goes beyond mere tracking. It embodies a peace of mind.

Key Features

  • Anti-Loss Alert: Simply chain the tracker to anything you might lose and press the ALERT on your app to locate the tracker within its active range.
  • Remote Control Capabilities: Use the device as a remote to activate your phone’s record function or to snap a selfie.
  • Locate Your Parking: Before you step away from your vehicle, mark its position on the map and find your way back no matter how far you’ve wandered.
  • Multifunctional: Designed to be paired with up to 8 trackers simultaneously on one phone.
  • Wide Compatibility: Whether you’re team iPhone or Android, our tracker seamlessly syncs with most smartphones equipped with Bluetooth 4.0.


Discover the countless ways our Mini GPS Tracker simplifies your life:

  • Ensure the safety of your children during outings or on their way home from school.
  • Stay stress-free by always knowing the location of your parked car.
  • Prevent the misplacement of essential items like wallets, bags, or even pets.
  • Compact design makes it discreet and portable – perfect for any tracking needs.
  • With a standby time of 6 months, it’s low maintenance and always ready when you are.

When is this product best used?

This versatile tracker is perfect for everyday use. Whether you’re a parent ensuring your child’s safety, a car owner looking to secure your vehicle, or someone simply wishing to keep tabs on personal items – this device is your reliable companion. Its compact design ensures it doesn’t intrude while offering you maximum efficiency.

What sets it apart?

While there are countless trackers on the market, our Mini GPS stands out due to its multifunctionality, user-friendly design, and efficient tracking abilities. Combined with voice control and anti-lost features, it’s not just a device but a holistic experience. Plus, with its extended standby time and durable build, it promises longevity with consistent performance.

Ready to Track?

Upgrade your tracking game. Invest in reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind. Order your Real-Time Mini GPS Tracker now!



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