Universal Silicone Car Wireless Charger with LED Light & Non-slip Pad

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30cm USB and Plug
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Experience Next-Level Charging Convenience

Transform your vehicle’s central control area into a futuristic charging station with our Universal Silicone Car Wireless Charger. Designed to seamlessly blend with any car interior, this charger ensures your device stays powered up while you’re on the move.

Essential Features

  • Certified by RoHS, CE, and FCC for quality assurance.
  • Capable of charging 1-4 devices simultaneously with optimal power distribution.
  • Comes with a USB cable and Micro USB connector for diverse compatibility.
  • Integrated charging indicator for real-time charging status.
  • Max Output Power of 15W ensuring rapid charging.

Why It Stands Out

When is this product best used? Anytime you step into your car! Be it a quick run to the store or a long road trip, keep your devices charged without the hassle of tangled wires. What makes it special?

  • Non-Slip Design: No more slipping or sliding. Your phone stays put, thanks to the silicone non-slip mat.
  • LED Ambience Light: Elevate your car’s aesthetic with a soothing LED light that doesn’t distract.
  • Multi-Functionality: Beyond charging, it serves as a car phone holder, ensuring your device is always within reach and in view.
  • Universal Compatibility: Whether you drive a Tesla, VW, Toyota, or any other vehicle, this charger is made for you.
  • Air Charge: Experience the magic of wireless charging without any physical connectors.

Purchasing Tips

Please note, there are two different interfaces available. Be sure to choose the right one for your device when purchasing. This charger is specially designed for Apple iPhones, ensuring optimized charging.

Ready to Drive into the Future?

Don’t let your device’s battery drain on the go. Elevate your driving experience and keep your phone juiced up with the Universal Silicone Car Wireless Charger. Order now and step into a world of seamless charging!


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